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  • Bar Soap Ayurvedic

    Bar Soap Ayurvedic 75 G 2.64oz

    Chandrika Bar Soap, Ayurvedic Is A Genuine Ayurvedic Soap Made In India From Herbal Extracts And High Quality Vegetable Oils. Ayurveda Is An Ancient Construct That Believes Health Follows Upon A Balance Between The Mind, The Body And The Spirit. This...

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  • Bar Soap Sandalwood

    Bar Soap Sandalwood 75 Gm

    Chandrika Bar Soap, Sandalwood Is A Gentle Soap Made In India For Total Skin Care. It Brightens The Body Complexion With Coconut Oils And Extracts From Sandalwood. Cleanse And Refresh The Body And Moisturize The Skin, Keeping It Naturally Soft, Supple,...

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